The Workey

Workey, a London based start-up has developed and launched a new product (the “Workey”) that has reinvented the key turner. The Workey is a cleverly designed, pocket sized tool that eases the operation of door keys. Since being released in early 2014 it has received an enthusiastic reception from users who have Arthritis or experience reduced hand dexterity for other reasons.

Key turners are a valuable tool commonly used by people who suffer from Arthritis to help ease the twisting action of modern keys. The designers behind the Workey saw existing key turners and knew another, less bulky solution was needed.


“The bulkiness of existing products prohibited them from being easily pocketed to have at hand whenever a troublesome lock was encountered. The Workey is a slim tool with a polished zinc alloy finish that easily clips onto a key ring. Once on a key ring it is unobtrusive and slips easily into your pocket among the keys”.

Using a Workey requires a key to be inserted through a central aperture in the tool. From here the Workey forms an ergonomic handle to twist and operate the key. One Workey on a key ring can be used on different keys as required.

To see images and a how to video of the Workey visit the website at


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