It has become abundantly clear that patients with cancer find great value in knowing they are not alone and having active dialogue with other patients. I know it helped me back in 1996 when I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and continues to help me today. But I am in a great spot in communications and get to meet other patients all the time. Many others hardly know anyone else.

He is harnessing the regenerative power of stem cells

Dr. Denis Evseenko represents a new paradigm in cancer research

As a boy growing up in Soviet Russia, Denis Evseenko was drawn to the wonders of scientific discovery. Though closed off from many of the resources of the Western world at the time, it was a country that housed its own wealth of scientific institutions and provided a fertile and supportive environment for his inquisitive young mind.

Early in his medical training Dr. Evseenko decided to focus entirely on research into embryonic stem cells, specifically the genesis of mesodermal tissues — a broad definition that includes blood, muscle, bone and cartilage. He was excited about the possibilities inherent in cutting-edge science, but also aware of the often complicated path of translational science. He knew if he were to take the next step, he had to do things differently.

Child Arthritis Cases Spike as Lyme Disease Pushes Further into Canada

As the ticks that spread Lyme disease push ever further into Canada, doctors are starting to notice an unusual fallout from the growing threat: a spike in the number of people seeking help for arthritis triggered by the bacteria.

A new study from Halifax , to be presented at an American College of Rheumatology conference in Florida this weekend, documented 17 child arthritis patients, most of whom surfaced over the last two years just in Lunenburg county.

Few had experienced any other symptoms and most had no idea they had Lyme until, complaining of swollen, painful joints, they were referred to a rheumatologist. Once blood tests indicated they had the infection, some were also diagnosed with related neurological problems.

Putting Lupus in Permanent Remission

Northwestern Medicine scientists have successfully tested a nontoxic therapy that suppresses Lupus in blood samples of people with the autoimmune disease.

This is a positive step toward one day developing a vaccine-like therapy that could keep Lupus in remission in the human body without the use of toxic drugs.

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